Turno de Noche: The Wrong Place | Short Film Review

Written by José Casas and directed by Juanjo Avi, Turno de Noche: The Wrong Place (2023) is an approximately 20-minute horror short film that was awarded BEST HORROR SHORT FILM and BEST SPLATTER/GORE at the DarkVeins Horror Fest 2023.
Tightly paced, Turno de Noche: The Wrong Place (aka Turno de Noche: El lugar equivocado) traps the viewer in a nightmarish dimension dominated by violence and blood, beguiling him or her with heinous splatter and gore gags, thanks to enjoyable practical effects.

Featuring powerful direction and cinematography, Turno de Noche: The Wrong Place retraces the clichés of the genre and subgenre while guarding a personal soul and giving an unexpected twist to the story.

In Turno de Noche: The Wrong Place in fact, a long hunt for the woman ends in a car wrecking yard, a place that becomes the scene of a disorienting brutal confrontation accompanied by fierce moments of beatings and stab wounds. A gory scenario in which the two protagonists (José Casas and Rafa Teruel) become unforgettable villains in a surprising finale.

Turno de Noche: The Wrong Place is an excellent slasher/splatter and gore, a valuable title that reawakens the genre and the subgenre to which it belongs by aiming for ruthless brutality to bring unfettered horror to the stage.

In the cast: José Casas, Rafa Teruel, Cristina Mediero and Santi Rodríguez.

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Scritto da José Casas e diretto da Juanjo Avi, Turno de Noche: The Wrong Place (2023) è un cortometraggio horror della durata di circa 20 minuti, premiato come BEST HORROR SHORT FILM e BEST SPLATTER/GORE al DarkVeins Horror Fest 2023. Dal ritmo serrato, Turno de Noche:...Turno de Noche: The Wrong Place | Short Film Review