The Wasteland: Tsurisaki's docu-shock with music by Corrupted soon to be released on DVD

TetroVideo has acquired the rights for the distribution of The Wasteland (Japan - 2014), the concluding chapter of the chilling trilogy by Kiyotaka Tsurisaki, "the photographer of death" known for directing Orozco - The Embalmer, the shockumentary on embalming.
The Wasteland concludes the investigation into the deaths conducted with morbid passion by Kiyotaka Tsurisaki and which he had initiated with Orozco (already distributed by the label) and then continued with Junk Films.
The Wasteland Will be distributed in a Bookbox edition (DVD + poster) by TetroVideo NEXT.

The Wasteland fuses the macabre footage by Kiyotaka Tsurisaki featuring the bleak and oppressive music of the Japanese doom metal band Corrupted (album "El mundo frio").
The film offers
a look at the poverty of the world around us, incorporating the consequences of war, religion, natural disasters and all that has contributed and contributes to the destruction of the Earth.
In this film, Kiyotaka and Corrupted are a hellish combination, effective in creating a devastating, leaden atmosphere.

Artwork by Shin Nagai:


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