The Void: the trailer for Kostanski and Gillespie's old-style horror film

THE_VOIDSignature Entertainment has revealed the first teaser trailer for The Void (Canada - 2016), the horror film written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie (Inferno of the Dead, Father's Day) and Steven Kostanski ("W is for Wish" segment in ABCs of Death 2). As suggested by the trailer, the film seems to pay homage to 1980s horror, drawing particular inspiration from the cinema of John Carpenter and Lucio Fulci but also from Lovecraftian atmospheres.
The Void will be released in Britain's theaters on March 31, 2017.

the-void-posterPlot: Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) is a police officer who rushes to the hospital after finding an injured man in the middle of the street. There, however, he will be confronted by a gruesome sight: almost everyone inside the facility, both patients and staff, is turning into horrible beings. Carter will lead the few survivors on an agonizing and hellish journey, delving into what seems to be the only escape route: the bowels of the hospital.

In the cast: Ellen Wong, Kathleen Munroe, Kenneth Welsh, Stephanie Belding, Evan Stern, Aaron Poole, Art Hindle, Amy Groening, Daniel Fathers, Trish Rainone and Grace Munro.

The teaser trailer of The Void:

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Barbara Torretti
Barbara Torretti
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