The Sergio Blasco Gore Collection on pre-order at Goredrome Pictures

In addition to Bloody Sin and to Dreams of Flesh, this month's Goredrome Pictures catalog also features, as a world exclusive, the box set of the Sergio Blasco Gore Collection, a collection of sex, drugs and death that includes four extreme films by the Spanish director: Plano Detalle (2008), Más Carnaza (1997), Lithium (2014) and Burrp! (1996).

Goredrome Pictures offers this box set in the limited edition Mediabook with two Blu-ray discs (HD Remaster Edition)
with Booklet and, limited to pre-order, Slipcase + 2 Cards.
The pre-order of the Sergio Blasco Gore Collection is already live on the official websites Goredrome and TetroVideo.


Written and directed by Sergio Blasco in 2008, the snuff movie Plano Detalle enjoys home video distribution for the first time thanks to Goredrome Pictures.
The story features Alfredo, a young entrepreneur who accepts a job offer to kidnap and abuse young women while they are being filmed, much to the delight of those who pay large sums of money for the commissioned videos. The kidnapping of two girls, daughters of a prominent businessman, will be the mistake that brings down the torturers' empire of pain and torture.

The cast includes Sergio Blasco himself along with Ricardo Jordán and Mapi Romero.


Más Carnaza is a 45-minute medium-length extreme splatter/gore film and follows the events of a psychopath who escapes from prison to hunt down his ex-girlfriend. Blinded by revenge, the man will commit horrendous crimes that reach the height of brutality with the discovery of the girl.

In the cast of Más Carnaza: J. Carlos Arques, Manolo Miralles and Felicidad Serna.
We remember you that Más Carnaza is also the seventh title in the Tetro Underground, a series dedicated to extreme horror films produced up to 1999 that have never enjoyed an official release or whose original masters do not allow for restoration.


Lithium is an approximately 8-minute short film directed by Sergio Blasco together with Rodrigo Canet.
The story follows a young heroin addict who sinks into the abyss of perdition because of her life-destroying addiction.
The film stars Rebeka Brik and Manuel Minaya.


Burrp! is a 30-minute zombie-based gore medium-length film.
In Burrp!, an epidemic has taken hold across the country, turning the population into very aggressive cannibals. A military unit will try to solve the problem or keep it under control....
In the cast: Juan J. Casado, Javier Cuellar, Juan Garcia, Manolo Miralles and Conchi Reyes.

The trailer for Plano Detalle:

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