The rebirth of nunsploitation: Sister Hell

Sister-Hell-5It's back to nunsploitation, a sub-strand of exploitation, thanks to Sister Hell, a short film written and directed by Norwegian Fredrik S. Hana ("Autumn Harvest“, “Angst, Piss & Drid") and centered on a wicked cloistered nun. A teaser trailer of the film was released just today, which can be found at the bottom of the article.

In Sister Hell, a voluptuous nun, dreams of leaving the Convent to give vent to the pleasures of sex that she now feels are irrepressible. She thus gradually ventures on a path dense with sins.
The cast consists of Johanna K. Rostad, Thomas Aske Berg, Lene Heimlund Larsen, Oliver Hohlbrugger, Anders Hommersand, and Espen Hana. Gunhild Oddsen, on the other hand, is the producer of the film.

Sister-HellApparently, there will be no shortage of violence, torture and a well-calibrated dose of FX in the short film. As stated by the director himself, the film will be hallucinatory, impressive and bloody.
For Sister Hell a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo And currently in progress.

The tantalizing teaser trailer:

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Barbara Torretti
Barbara Torretti
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