The Girl With The Cutter | Medium-length film review.

After making his directorial debut with Larva Mental (2020), extreme body art performer and Spanish artist Mikel Balerdi tries his hand at The Girl With The Cutter, a searing new extreme film inspired by a true story.
As in Larva Mental, also in The Girl With The Cutter grief moves the threads of fate for those crushed by grief who cannot cope with the loss of a loved one.

Attention is immediately focused on the behavior of the protagonist (Cofi Valduvieux) who, drowning in a state of shock and apathy, attempts the path of suicide by drug intoxication but death will be late in coming leaving the woman time to try more heinous ways to end her suffering.
From this point on, The Girl With The Cutter abandons the dramatic background to trespass into the territory of extreme cinema, a place where a violent death wish proliferates yearning for the destruction of the body, the latter represented almost as the useless shell of a now-dead soul.

The confusional state caused by the drugs alternates between loss of consciousness and delusional disorders in which self-harm and various visions of death come to life.
Violent cuts all over the body (with the use of a box cutter), red vomit, decapitated heads, and wailing thus become the bloody pieces of the hell experienced by a dying or would-be suicide.

The Girl With The Cutter is an extreme independent medium-length film of about 50 minutes divided into 5 chapters, each of which punctuates the psychophysical state of the protagonist, concentrating the self-harming actions in the last two: lacerations on arms and legs, flaying, throat-cutting, and slashing of wrist veins.

With The Girl With The Cutter, Mikel Balerdi succeeds in dragging the viewer into the personal hell of this woman who, as the hours pass, reaches an awareness of her own death but not before getting lost in the maze of psychophysical pain.
A film intended exclusively for lovers of extreme cinema.

The cast includes Cofi Valduvieux, Alejandro Carpintero and, in a cameo, Mikel Balerdi.

Presented by Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins), The Girl with the Cutter will be distributed soon by TetroVideo in a double feature edition along with Golgotha (directed by Mikel Balerdi).

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Barbara Torretti
Barbara Torretti
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