Extreme films Headless and Found for the first time in a combo edition with TetroVideo

Thanks to TetroVideo, extreme horror. Headless (2015) e Found (2012) will be released together for the first time in a numbered ultralimited edition (with French and Italian subtitles) available in only 50 copies.
As of today, October 13, on the official websites. TetroVideo and Goredrome, you can order either the Mediabook combo edition containing the DVD disc of Headless (USA - 2015) and the Spasm Video Blu-ray disc of Found + 24-page booklet (with slipcase, card and 2 magnets limited to pre-order) or the limited edition Mediabook (250 copies) of Headless With DVD, 20-page booklet and 2 cards.

  • Found features Scott Schirmer (Found, Harvest Lake) and is based on the novel of the same name by Todd Rigney.
    The story of Found stars Marty, a shy, bullied 12-year-old boy who is fond of horror movies and comic books, his two only consolations. Shattering his existence will be the horrifying discovery that his older brother Steve is a vicious serial killer with a habit of decapitating his victims.In the cast: Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro, Louie Lawless, Alex Kogin, Andy Alphonse and Shane Beasley.
    The screenplay, on the other hand, is by Todd Rigney in collaboration with Scott Schirmer.Special contents of the Blu-ray of Found: Introduction to the film by Alex Visani; Trailer; Making Of; Gag Reel; Headless with optional audio commentary by Shane Beasley and Arthur Cullipher; Deep Dwellers with optional audio commentary by Leya Taylor and Arthur Cullipher; Audio commentary on the film with director and author; Audio commentary on the film with cast and crew.
  • Directed by Arthur Cullipher, the ultra-splatter extreme horror film Headless is the spin-off of Found and, specifically, is dedicated to the killer immortalized in the VHS featured in Scott Schirmer's film.
    Plot: With his face covered by a mask depicting a skull, a killer kidnaps and tortures defenseless women unleashing an unstoppable wave of murder, cannibalism and necrophilia. When his painful past comes back to haunt him, the psychopath will indulge in even more insane, extreme and immoral actions.In the cast of Headless include Kaden Miller, Shane Beasley (Found), Kelsey Carlisle (Amazon Hot Box), Ellie Church (Space Babes from Outer Space), Jennifer Lee (The Legend of Wasco), Dave Parker (Plank Face), Haley Madison (In Memory Of), Brian K. Williams (Mania) and Matt Keeley.
    The film's screenplay is by Nathan Erdel and Todd Rigney while Scott Schirmer (Found, Harvest Lake) appears on the crew as a co-producer.Special contents of the DVD of Headless: Arthur/Nathan audio commentary; Gag Reel; Making Of of Headless; Original Trailer.

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