Drag Me To Fest is born: horror lands in Milan!

On Saturday, November 6, 2021, the first edition of the Drag Me To Fest, the all-Milan independent horror film festival born from the collaboration between Joe Godoy Gonzalez, founder of the well-known horror website Don't Open This Blog, and Chiara Natalini, independent filmmaker and director formerly behind the independent short film festival Diaiaui, at Santeria in Milan.

The festival was born out of a desire to bring audiences of the horror genre back to share the magic of cinema live, in a context that values collective experience and sociality. Drag Me To Fest also aims to highlight independent filmmakers who courageously try to use the language of film as a free and useful art form for personal and community growth.

The location where the event will be held is the well-known Milanese venue Santeria in Via Paladini 8, a 500-square-meter space with an outdoor courtyard, bar/bistro, record store, bookstore and a space dedicated to exhibitions, concerts, literary presentations and screenings. It is certainly a cultural and artistic landmark for the city.

Sponsored by clothing brand Taboo and horror website NAQB, the Drag Me To Fest in its first edition will present the works of five independent filmmakers: the unreleased The Rise By Lorenzo Fassina, Strictly bled out alive by Davide Scovazzo, Peep Show + Feed me more by Davide Pesca, L is for Last by Brace Beltempo and Christmas Special, an episode of the Fantasmagoria series by the Orefilm group of filmmakers.
The screenings will conclude with a preview screening of the feature film rape & revenge Alice Was My Name, directed by Brace Beltempo.

The films of the Drag Me To Fest:

Christmas Special is a special Christmas-themed episode of the webseries Fantasmagoria, produced by OreFilm (Director: Valentina Falsfein Grebenjuk, Subject: Fabrizio Byron Rampotti). The series was recently awarded Best Thriller/Horror Webseries at Apulia Web Fest 2021.

L is for Last, is a zombie-themed apocalyptic short film, written by Umberto Morosi and directed by Brace Beltempo, featured in the extras of the DVD edition of Alice Was My Name, rape & revenge film also directed by Brace Beltempo.

Feed me more, segment of the extreme anthology film Deep Web XXX distributed by TetroVideo and Peep Show, extreme horror short prersent in the episodic film Phobia. Both short films are directed by Davide Pesca.

The Rise is the unreleased folk-horror short film loosely based on the short story "The Other Gods" by H.P. Lovecraft, directed by Lorenzo Fassina (director of Living Nativity), founder with Sara Antonicelli of the independent horror film production company DirtyTape and the Cine Underground festival."

Strictly bled out alive (directed by Davide Scovazzo): independent horror film segment. Mixed blood, which brings together the films of eight directors, set in eight Italian cities, in eight different ethnic communities.

Alice Was My Name is a horror film directed by Brace Beltempo on a screenplay edited by Lisa Rovo. The script of this film, which rests on a "standard" plot of the rape & revenge genre, is wisely enriched with an intriguing subplot that in the surprising final twist opens up new and dystopian scenarios.

Drag Me To Fest, which has already started its promotion on social media, is immediately gathering support from the Italian horror community and is also supported as a media partner by the Italian horror website Horror Italy 24.
At the close of the festival you can chat, have a drink and dance with the hip hop DJ set curated by Esa (OTR), one of the most representative rappers of the Italian hip hop scene.

The teaser trailer for The Rise:

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