Seance - Little Girlfriend Murders from Dec. 2 in theaters

Produced by Dark Castle Entertainment (The Mystery of the House on the Hill, The 13 Wraiths, The Mask of Wax, Orphan), the all-female horror Seance - Little Murders Among Friends (USA - 2021) will debut in Italian theaters on December 2 distributed by Adler Entertainment.
Seance - Little Murders among friends is the first feature film by Simon Barrett, the director of the segment "Tape 49" featured in the horror anthology V/H/S/2 and screenwriter of other horror films such as Red Sands - The Occult Force, You're Next and Blair Witch.

Seance - Little Murders among friends stars British model and versatile performer Suki Waterhouse (The Bad Batch, Insurgent, Assassination Nation), here joined by Madisen Beaty (Once Upon a Hollywood), Ella-Rae Smith (Into the Badlands), Inanna Sarkis, Stephanie Sy, Seamus Patterson and Marina Stephenson-Kerr.

The story of Seance - Little Murders among friends takes place at a prestigious women's college to which Camille (Suki Waterhouse) is transferred, who discovers that a mysterious and gruesome murder has been committed at the institution. The dead girl belonged to a group of friends who had held a séance a few nights earlier and are now convinced that the death was caused by a spirit summoned in the ritual. In truth, after the tragic event, none of the girls trust other people, not even their own friends, especially when the college students start dying one after another.


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