Scars of Xavier is Official Selection at DarkVeins Horror Fest 2017

The feature film drama/thriller/horror genre Scars of Xavier (Germany - 2017) is Official Selection at the DarkVeins Horror Fest 2017 for "Best Feature Film," "Best Actor" (Marc Engel), "Best Special Effects" and "Best Music" categories.
With Scars of Xavier, Kai E. Bogatzki (the editor of Blood Feast - 2016) signs the direction of his first feature film for which he also edited the screenplay.

Xavier (Marc Engel) spends his days drying cars at a car wash in Prague. Introverted and antisocial, he avoids people but at night gives vent to his tensions by turning into a dangerous serial killer. One day he meets Karolina (Alexia Von Wismar), a bartender he is attracted to but at the same time strongly desires to kill.

The cast includes: Marc Engel, Alexia von Wismar, Isabelle Aring, Jelly Francis Gaviria, Angelina Markiefka, Daniele Rizzo (Stung), Dirk Sonnenschein, and Oliver Troska.

Lucas Blank and Philipp Peißen handled the photography while the music is by Klaus Pfreundner. Magdalena Röhrig and Philipp Rathgeber, on the other hand, are the special makeup effects artists.

The board of Scars of Xavier on iHORRORdb.



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