Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead| Film Review.

wyrmwoodblurayAfter a couple of short films, brothers Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner took on the feature film Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead (Australia - 2014), a funny zombie-based horror comedy that was very well received at various industry festivals. The director himself, Kiah Roache-Turner, called it a mix between Mad Max and Dawn of the Dead But the film is also reminiscent in some ways of Braindead - The Braindead. by Peter Jackson and the TV series The Walking Dead.
The film was recently released in Italy thanks to Midnight Factory.

Plot: In the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, a group of survivors will attempt to move to a safer location in an all-terrain vehicle in rural Australia now infested with the living dead. They will also be joined by Barry (Jay Gallagher), a man who, after losing his wife and daughter to the outbreak, is searching for his sister Brooke (Bianca Bradey). The latter, however, has been kidnapped by the army, which, in order to find a cure for the disease, conducts strange experiments on the survivors .

In Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead, the homage to George Miller's famous road movie is obvious but is limited to the armored suits of the protagonists and their means used to survive the attacks of the living dead. The film thus only partly succeeds in emulating the Romerian apocalyptic atmosphere and the post-Atomic atmosphere of Mad Max while still presenting an interesting mix of genres and situations, laced with tasty splatter scenes and fun.

WYRMWOOD4The Roache-Turner brothers' zombie movie is by no means stingy with severed limbs, blown-off heads and lush slaughter, all more than decently realized. The film features plenty of action and some interesting zombie-related twists and turns. However, the unfolding of the story unwinds with difficulty, due to a script that, being far too simple, could make for dull viewing. This is compounded by the near-absence of character development and a tension that wanes as we progress toward the finale.

The film enjoys several standout sequences such as the one relating to Brooke's abduction and the one referring to the mad doctor (perhaps one of the most successful characters) grappling with his human guinea pigs. The feature of the zombies, equipped with flammable green breath, is appreciable, and also the method by which some of them are eliminated (by means of a nail gun). Alternating with these, however, are moments when chaos reigns (largely related to the actions of the group of survivors of which the protagonist Barry is a member) and also some general monotony.

In any case, Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead is a film that, despite its flaws, managed to make its way into the hearts of zombie movie lovers.

In the cast: Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill, Keith Agius, Berynn Schwerdt, Luke McKenzie, Cain Thompson, Damian Dyke, and Yure Covich.


Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead is one of the new horror films offered by Midnight Factory and is available on DVD, Blu-Ray limited edition (with booklet and rich extras) and also in digital download. The Blu-ray limited edition is beautifully edited and comes in a hardback slipcase with a booklet inside with reviews and information about the film.
As always, the audio-video quality of Midnight Factory's products is excellent.

Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead
Genre: Horror
Label: Midnight Factory
Distribution: Koch Media
Format: DVD, Blu-Ray
Number of discs: 2 DVDs; 1 BD
Edition: Limited + Booklet
Release date sale: FEBRUARY 23, 2017


Duration: 98 minutes
Format: 1.78:1; 1080p
Audio: Italian 5.1 DTS-HD MA; English 5.1 DTS-HD MA
Subtitles: Italian
Extras: backstage, deleted scenes, interviews, post-production, production, the "Wyrmwood" diaries, trailer.



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