Cannibal and Orozco: active lottery for the last two very rare copies

The July 14 pre-order of the ultralimited editions of Cannibal and Orozco - The Embalmer.
A copy of both films is now available and, at the suggestion of TetroVideo customers, a mini raffle has been started to give the luckiest person the opportunity to win the two aforementioned copies (numbered editions limited to only 100 pieces with glossy Bookbox and containing the DVD + the double face poster + two double face collectible cards).
La mini lottery is open and will conclude in the morning tomorrow, July 21, with live web drawing of the winner on the TetroVideo Facebook page. Participants can purchase a maximum of 7 tickets each at the price of 1.50 euros each.

Cannibal (Germani - 2006) is an extreme film produced, written and directed by Marian Dora.
The story is based on the case of Armin Meiwes, known as "the cannibal of Rotenburg." The German criminal, currently a lifer, is responsible for killing and eating Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes, a Berlin engineer who had expressed online a desire to be killed and cannibalized.

Written and directed by Kiyotaka Tsurisaki (Junk Films, The Wasteland), known as "the photographer of death." Orozco - The Embalmer (Japan - 2001) is a shockumentary about embalming, a kind of world movie that tackles the conservative treatment of human bodies with extreme coldness and without taboos.

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