Mécanix: the Canadian film distributed by Unearthed Films.

mécanixUnearthed Films dealt with the distribution of Mécanix, the Canadian film written and directed by Rémy M. Larochelle in 2003. Mécanix has already been available since July 12 and can be purchased through the official website of the label. The film is a nightmarish black fairy tale that mixes multiple genres, including animation, fantasy and horror.

Plot: The last human beings are forced to live as slaves, trapped in cages and subjugated by creatures mécanix-posterbiomechanical beings that now populate the world. These beings fear nothing, only the embryo of the universe, the origin of everything, which is hidden in the bowels of the last free-born man. The scientist working for such creatures will begin vivisecting every human being on the planet in order to find the embryo and destroy it once and for all.

Cast in the film: Stéphane Bilodeau and Julie-Anne Côté.
Mécanix is the only film written and directed by Rémy M. Larochelle.

DVD Extras:
- Interview with screenwriter and director Rémy M. Larochelle and producer Phillippe Chabot.



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