Life.Love.Regret. | Short film review is a just 9-minute horror short film written and directed by Federico Scargiali, already the author of several video clips and shorts including the recent Through your lips, a work with chronenbergian references included in the collective horror 17 to midnight.
The story sees an elegant and distinguished woman reach out to all those who contact her to help them solve their problems. Impeccable in her craft, she puts feelings aside in order to act with extreme coolness to achieve the best result. An unexpected person's request, however, will manage to put her in crisis.

Life.Love.Regret. captivates from the very first shot, thanks certainly to impeccable direction and photography (Daniele Trani) that accentuates the colors, making them almost obsessive. Remarkable is the choice of lead actress, played by Eileen Daly, a former model (Bizarre and The dark Side) and British actress whose filmography spans exploitation and also films by Alex Chandon (Pervirella and Cradle of Fear), Andreas Schnaas and Timo Rose.
Life.Love.Regret. enjoys a solid and very unique story that embraces themes such as life in the balance, suicide, and death. An original script made all the more sick by excellent splatter scenes (a mention to the throat slashing and the head blown up with a gunshot) that increase the rawness of the actions and in which the really well-crafted special effects by Mattia Vignotto, Maresca Gambino and Anna Shalaby are to be admired.
Magnificent the mysterious woman with copper-colored hair, pronounced cheekbones and crashed eyes who reaches out like a dark angel to her clients to give them her special help.

Along with the blue, the red color of blood is a constant in the film. This returns obsessively in almost every sequence, in a hammering way, until the final scene in the bathtub, located in a purple room in which one gets lost.
Life.Love.Regret. is not only a parade of death but also brings into play the dark side of life, especially that of those who cannot recover because they are worn down by grief and annihilated spiritually and physically. In one brief sequence, sexual depravity is also addressed, reminiscent of Buttgereit's Nekromantik (the reference is to the man in the armchair).
Unforgettable music by Philip Zen gives this film an even more unusual and disturbing sense.

In addition to Eileen Daly, the cast includes Fulvio Falzarano, Francesco Roder, Desirè Vidon and Angelo Pellegrinon.

Life.Love.Regret. was presented at the SciencePlusFiction Festival (2013).

Funded through crowdfunding, this short film was produced by VISCERAVISIONS, a film distribution company that has to its credit Sorry love, Creature from the Back Lagoon and Through Your Lips Scargiali himself.

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