Larva Mental: the shock film about extreme body art

Mikel Balerdi

Larva Mental is the first film by Mikel Balerdi (born 1985), a Basque-born artist who, after a brief career as an illustrator, launched himself into the world of tattoos, body suspension and, more specifically, the extreme form of body art, using his own body for artistic purposes.
Of the film, presented by Domiziano Cristopharo and currently in production, we attach a clip, poster and some official images.

Larva Mental is a journey into the mind of Mikel Balerdi, a performer who chose the path of the extreme body art as a form of transgression and expression.
Known for his shocking and powerful shows, Mikel Balerdi is one of the most in-demand performers and has collaborations with major artists around the world.

Larva Mental was presented by the artist himself as "a journey with no return by a man who has lost his soul and is focused solely on expressing himself."
Below are some images that give a glimpse of his performance, surely unbearable for many given the subject matter, in which the human body becomes the artistic focus of the film.



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