Kill Or Be Killed: the trailer for the western/splatter film

xKill Or Be Killed, the western/splatter film written and directed by Duane Graves and Justin Meeks (Butcher Boys and The Wild Man of the Navidad), today enjoys an official trailer that you can find at the bottom of the article. The release date is confirmed for March 1, 2016 (VOD and DVD).

The film boasts two horror icons in the cast namely Michael Berryman ("The Hills Have Eyes" by Wes Craven) and Edwin Neal ("Don't Open That Door" by Tobe Hooper). They are joined by the two of them, and the filmmakerkillbeto Justin Meeks who plays the main character Claude 'Sweet Tooth' Barbee, Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Arianne Margot, Luce Rains,Greg Kelly, Bridger Zadina, Deon Lucas, Karrie Cox, and Larry Grant Harbin.

Abstract: Claude 'Sweet Tooth' Barbee is the leader of a gang composed of the most wanted outlaws in Texas with whom he intends to recover valuable loot. It won't be easy for them to achieve their goal since a large bounty hangs over their heads, but that's not all: other killers are interested in their loot.

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Barbara Torretti
Barbara Torretti
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