Justine: poster and cast of the extreme erotic film

Revealed the poster and cast of Justine (Mexico - 2020), the extreme horror film with a strong sexual component written and directed by Alex Hernández, the director of Blood For Flesh and the "The Prosperity of Vice" featured in the extreme anthology Dark Web XXX.
Presented by Italian director Domiziano Cristopharo (The House of Flesh Mannequins), Justine is an international exclusive TetroVideo and will be available for home video soon in the Bookbox collector's edition (DVD + poster).

Currently in the process of filming, Justine is inspired by the famous novel Justine or the misadventures of virtue by the French writer Marquis De Sade (1740 - 1814), so Alex Hernández's film will exude sadism, transgressions, violence and sexual perversions, in line with the themes addressed by the Divine Marquis in his literary works.

Plot: Justine (Dan Zapata) is a teenager who tries to preserve her virtue but will be incited to succumb to vice. The young woman will end up working as a maid in the home of Dr. Rodin, an evil man obsessed with virginity who will turn her into a willing victim of the most heinous and merciless pleasure-driven tortures.

The cast of Justine consists of Dan Zapata, Enrique Diaz Duran, Jacqueline Blanca Bribiesca, Juan Manuel Martinez and Marisela Plaza.
The script was written by Alex Hernández and Juan Manuel Martínez.
The film is produced by TetroVideo in collaboration with MyIndie Productions.
Itai Guberman appears in the crew as an associate producer.

Password to access the trailer: JUSTINE95




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