Halloween Kills: three Italian clips from the second installment of the saga reboot

Ahead of its release tomorrow, Oct. 21, Universal Pictures has shared three Italian-language clips from Halloween Kills (UK, USA - 2021), the second installment of the reboot saga started with Halloween (2018) and ending in 2022 with Halloween Ends.
Written and directed by David Gordon Green, the director of the trilogy, the film will arrive in Italian theaters on October 21, 2021.

In Halloween Kills, Jamie Lee Curtis is Laurie Strode, a character tormented by Michael Myers in both the famous saga that began with Halloween - The Night of the Witches (1978), than forty years later in this trilogy. By his side as the immortal villain is again Nick Castle ("Halloween" - 1978 and "Halloween" - 2018).

The story of Halloween Kills is related to the events of Halloween (2018) while, according to what the director revealed during the Reel Blend podcast, Halloween Ends will be set a little further back in time. In addition to the time jump between the second and third films, David Gordon Green also anticipated that the final chapter will represent "a satisfying conclusion to the Laurie Strode vs. Michael Myers saga."

According to the official synopsis, in this new chapter Michael Myers managed to escape the death trap Laurie had set for him at the end of Halloween (2018). The psychopath resumes his ritual bloodbath and, at the same time, tries to get on the woman's trail again. Meanwhile, Laurie Strode, wounded, will be forced to prepare again to defend herself but this time she will incite all of Haddonfield to rebel against the unstoppable monster.
The Strode women will join a group of other survivors of Myers' first rampage. Together they will decide to take matters into their own hands by forming a vigilante mob to hunt him down and eliminate him once and for all.

Clip "The boogeyman will come."

"Must Die" clip:

Clip "It's not safe out here."

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