EROTIK 2: L'aldilà - Exclusive pics from the horror film about necrophilia

We were provided with a batch of some exclusive pics from the necrophiliac-themed extreme horror film eROTik 2: L'aldilà, the sequel/reboot of TetroManiac: eROTik directed in 2019 by Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Doll Syndrome).
The film is currently being filmed and is being directed by Slade Wilson (6 Songs, XXX Darknet: Red Lips) under the supervision of Domiziano Cristopharo himself.

eROTik 2: L'aldilà stars Ahmet Karthal as Jeffrey Dahmer, along with Angela del Regno (TetroManiac: Confessions of a Necrophile Girl) and William Connor.
Special effects, on the other hand, are by Kevin Capurro (6 Songs, XXX Darknet: Red Lips).

We remember you that eROTik is loosely based on Jeffrey Dahmer (1960 - 1994), the American serial killer also known as "The Milwaukee Cannibal".
Dahmer was sentenced in 1992 to life in prison for acts of sexual assault, murder, necrophilia, cannibalism and quartering. He died in prison two years later at the hands of an inmate.

The production ensures that eROTik 2: L'aldilà will surpass the previous film in everything and that it will be "a real dive into the human rot".
The story of this new chapter is linked to that of the 2019 film by taking up its situations and characters but, above all, by delving into the sick mind of the protagonist who, thanks to his rituals, manages to bring back to life one of the corpses he hides in his house but the consequences will be devastating.

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