DVD and Blu-ray on sale from February 2014

morituris-picchioSo many horror titles are finding, starting this month, distribution for home video, so both DVD and Blu-ray. There is something for everyone, starting from new film releases to great classics and gothic movies.
Let's start with Miramax's proposals, which offers in four different box sets, as many trilogies.

From Friday, February 14, box sets with the trilogies of:

  • From Dusk to Dawn (3 DVDs)
  • Scream (3 DVDs)

Starting February 26 instead, the trilogies of:

  • Boogeyman (3 DVDs)
  • Mimic (3 DVDs)

New releases include Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego's recent Open Grave, which will be available Friday, Feb. 14, on Blu-ray and DVD for Eagle Pictures.

Lots of then Sinister Film titles for the Horror D'Essay series.
These include:

  • The Magendorf Monster by Ladislaus Vajda
  • Bluebeard by Edward Dmytryk
  • Michael Carreras's Maniac.
  • Dr. Miracle by Robert Florey
  • The hangman is on stage by William Conrad
  • The Man Without a Body by Edward Dein
  • Appointment with the Corpse by Robert M. Young
  • The Phantom of the Opera by Terence Fisher
  • The Price of the Devil by Rafael Baledòn

For the Italian Gothic series instead, also from Sinister Film, will be distributed:

  • The Massacre of the Vampires by Roberto Mauri
  • The Virgin of Nuremberg by Antonio Margheriti

Last but not least, also to be released by Sinister Film will be Raffaele Picchio's Morituris, a film that has been precluded from theatrical screening due to the amount of violence it contains. All of the above films from Sinister Film will be released on Feb. 18.
Finally, also on the same date, Lamberto Bava's Morirai a mezzanotte will be released for CineKult.

Article by editors.

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