Domiziano Arcangeli: farewell to the protagonist of House of Flesh Mannequins

Farewell to Domiziano Arcangeli (1968-2020), a naturalized U.S.-born Italian actor and model, known in the horror scene for playing photographer Sebastian Rhys in House of Flesh Mannequins (Italy - 2008), a film directed by Domiziano Cristopharo and also starring Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Fear in the City of the Living Dead), Roberta Gemma (Hyde's Secret Nightmare) and Poison Rouge (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice).

The news of his death is not official but was given by a friend and colleague in a message left on his Facebook profile. According to what was revealed by the Italian-American actor and producer whose name we are not reporting, Domiziano Arcangeli reportedly lost his life on July 14.

First an internationally sought-after model, Domiziano Arcangeli has worked in theater and participated in many Italian and international films since the early 1980s, acting in 150 films and television productions to date. Arcangeli also appears in art-house and independent films in the United States. In 2009, this versatile performer in very different genres also founded Empire Films, his film production company.

In the last decade he has starred in the horror films Orgy of the Damned, The Ghostmaker, The Brides of Sodom, The Human Race, Wrath of the Crows, Vampire Club 3D, Club Lingerie and Camp Blood 8: Revelation.

Domiziano Arcangeli in House of Flesh Mannequins

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