Crisalida and 61 - Scorecard Killer: two exclusive TetroVideo world premieres at the Bogota Film Festival

Extreme films The Chrysalis (2023) by Mikel Balerdi and 61 - Scorecard Killer (2023) by Domiziano Cristopharo and Poison Rouge will have their world premieres at the Bogota Film Festival, in Colombia, in October 2023.
Discarded by most horror festivals because they are considered too extreme, The Chrysalis and 61 - Scorecard Killer are thus among the Official Selections of one of the boldest film festivals, among the few to include extreme films of the magnitude of these upcoming TetroVideo exclusive releases.

During the event, a retrospective will also be dedicated to Basque artist Mikel Balerdi whose directorial debut, namely Larva Mental (2020), a shock film considered one of the most extreme films of recent years.


Presented by prolific Italian director Domiziano Cristopharo, The Chrysalis (2023) is the prequel to Larva Mental. Speaking of The Chrysalis, director Mikel Balerdi (The Girl with the Cutter/Golgotha) revealed that it is an even more "scandalous and psychological" film than Larva Mental.

The story of this prequel focuses on the protagonist, particularly his mental decline, shedding light on his life and family connections.

In Larva Mental, a widower (Mikel Balerdi) goes away from home for days, leaving his daughter (Dairi Gaona) alone. Taking advantage of his absence, the latter writes him a farewell letter only to lose herself in the path of self-harm.
Returning from the long journey, the man will come to terms with his inner monsters and indulge in all forms of self-destruction as an extreme gesture of physical and psychic punishment.

TETROMANIAC: 61 - Scorecard Killer.

Written and directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (Doll Syndrome, Nightmare Symphony) in collaboration with Poison Rouge (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice), TetroManiac: 61 - Scorecard Killer is loosely based on the murders of Randy Steven Kraft, the American serial killer known as the "Scorecard Killer" and here played by Roberto Scorza (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice).
TetroManiac: 61 - Scorecard Killer is the third TETROMANIAC film (after eROTik and Confessions of a Necrophile Girl), an extreme series conceived by TetroVideo and dedicated to the vicious serial killers who have occupied the darkest areas of the crime news.

In addition to Roberto Scorza, the cast also includes Alex D'Alascio (episode "Deconstructing Roberto" in XXX Dark Web).

Randy Kraft is currently on death row on charges of torturing, raping and killing 16 young boys/men between 1972 and 1983 and is suspected of being responsible for the deaths of 51 other victims, also male.
Kraft became known as the "Scorecard Killer" because upon his arrest investigators found a coded list with cryptic references about the people he killed and an envelope containing more than 50 photographs of his victims, dead or sleeping, in pornographic positions.

The poster of TetroManiac: 61 - Scorecard Killer was created by well-known Italian cartoonist Claudio Montalbano (Editoriale Aurea, Sergio Bonelli Editore, Edition Soleil).

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