Cabin Fever: the official trailer for the remake

cabThe official trailer for Cabin Fever, the remake of the film of the same name directed by Eli Roth in 2002 and boasting two sequels, Cabin Fever 2 - The Contagion and Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. The director of the remake is Travis Zariwny while Eli Roth is the executive producer. The script is by Randy Pearlstein and is based on the original 2002 screenplay.

The synopsis is almost identical to that of Roth's film: a cabin-postergroup of five friends reach a country cottage to spend a relaxing and fun week there. Unfortunately, some of the boys contract a strange virus that debilitates them and causes them to bleed. The rest of the group, terrified, will do anything to leave that place and return home.

Cabin Fever (USA - 2016) will be released on a limited basis in some U.S. theaters starting Feb. 12 through IFC Midnight.

Comprising the cast are Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Samuel Davis, Nadine Crocker and Dustin Ingram.

The tab on iHORRORdb: Cabin Fever.

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