Blood For Flesh: the Mexican extreme film on standard edition DVD with TetroVideo

Mexican extreme horror Blood For Flesh (Mexico - 2019) is again featured in the catalog TetroVideo. The film is available on the label's official website in the standard edition (Amaray with DVD) with English, French, Italian and German subtitles.
Blood For Flesh is written and directed by Alex Hernández, the director of "The Prosperity of Deputy", one of the segments featured in the horror anthology extreme XXX Dark Web.

The story of Blood For Flesh (here is our review) focuses on a morbid family unit destroyed by the arrival of some cannibals who will take an interest in the only woman in the family.
Violence will pave the way for unheard-of torture and then turn into pleasure through unclean and sordid acts. Psychologically and physically destroyed, the victims will be nothing more than the attraction of a murky feast of incest, violence and pain.

The cast of Blood For Flesh consists of Erika López, Juan Manuel Martínez, Luis Navarro, Enrique Diaz Duran, Marisela Plaza Martínez, Aldo Palacios, Daniel Ibarra, and Christian Cámara.

Dante Belmont and Alex Hernández are the cinematographers while the soundtrack is by Esteban Ibarra Rivero.
The film is produced by Queremos ver sangre Producciones while Juan Manuel Martínez is the executive producer.



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