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Interview with director Billy Pon

An interview with Billy Pon, the brilliant director of Circus of the Dead starring Bill Oberst Jr. Billy Pon is also the co-writer together with Lee Ankrum. Circus of the dead is a well written, filmed and acted brutal movie with very dark humor. DarkVeins thanks Bill Pon for giving his time to answer our questions. L: Hello Bill. Could ... Read More »

Interview with actor Bill Oberst Jr.

Interview with the talented actor Bill Oberst Jr., named “The King of Indie Horror” because of his great work in horror movies. Since 2008, he has acted in over 100 independent films and television projects and now he does about 10 movies a year. Recently Bill Oberst Jr. played Papa Corn, the brilliant and charismatic leader of the clan in ... Read More »

Interview with actress, writer and director Izzy Lee

Interview with Izzy Lee, actress, writer and director from Boston. She’s a woman in horror we need to keep our eyes on because of her extraordinary talent. She loves acting and directing horror films and she is also the contributor to multiple horror publications like Diabolique, Rue Morgue, Fangoria and Twitch Film. This remarkable filmmaker talks with us about her ... Read More »

Interview with writer and director Jeremiah Kipp

Interview with the american producer, writer and director Jeremiah Kipp who directed several short films including Berenice, Contact, Crestfallen, The Minions, Painkiller and the feature film The Sadist starring Tom Savini.. Jeremiah Kipp talks to us about his films and his future projects. DV: Hello Jeremiah, thanks so much for sharing your precious time with us! Could you tell us ... Read More »

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