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Interview with freak show performer Burns The Dragon

Interview with Burns The Dragon, a freak show performer and snake handler, an extreme body modification practitioner. He is much more than a freak, he is an amazing performer and entertainer. He talks about his identity, body modification and his terrifying performances like “Block head”, “Fire Acts”, “Glass walking”, “Hook Suspension” and many more… L: Hello Burns The Dragon, I’d ... Read More »

Review: Kassandra, short film by Ulisses da Motta Costa

Kassandra is a girl with mental health problems who suffers from mutism and who is harassed by her neighbor. She lives alone and she can’t get out of her apartment because of agoraphobia. Occasionally a doctor visits her and reminds the girl to take medication for the anxiety disorder. Kassandra is also afraid by the presence of a man in ... Read More »

Interview: artist Donna L. Marian talks about her horror dolls

An interesting interview with the artist Donna L. Marian. She talks about her art and her macabre creations. L: Can you give me some more information about you? D: I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my husband and 2 dogs. I have a pretty quiet life. L: How do you work? Would you prefer working the day or night? ... Read More »

Interview with the brazilian director Ulisses da Motta Costa

Interview with the brazilian filmmaker Ulisses da Motta Costa who directed Kassandra, the black-and-white short film premiered at the 41st International Film Festival of Gramado (2013) in the section Curta – metragem Gaúcho as Best Cinematography. Ulisses talks us about his works, passions, crowdfunding and future projects. L: Hello Ulisses, tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? What’s ... Read More »

Interview: Cyber Goth model Mila Noizmare

Let’s talk to Mila Noizmare, the stunning Cyber Goth, gothic, fetish and Tattoo model published in magazines who also appeared in the music video “dstort” by Milkin Lynn. Mila tells us about the modeling world, her passions and her projects. L: Who is Mila Noizmare? Can you describe yourself? M: Mila Noizmare is a crazy romantic creature from outer space ... Read More »

Interview: Frankenstein’s Army director Richard Raaphorst

A talk with Richard Raaphorst about his Frankenstein’s Army, the suspenseful and nightmarish nazi-horror movie that combines science, war and human automations. L: Hello Richard, tell us something about you. R: Driven by dark inspiration. I’m graduated at the school of fine arts, started my career as a classic painter, became a storyboard artist for advertising and movies and worked ... Read More »

Interview: gothic and fetish model Necrinity

A talk with the gorgeous Necrinity, the alternative, fetish and gothic model from Sweden. She’s also a makeup artist, editor and photographer and she takes the time to talk with us about her passions and her plans for the future. L: Tell us about who Necrinity is. How would you describe yourself? N: I am very creative, open minded and ... Read More »

Interview with serbian director Milan Todorovic

Milan Todorovic is a serbian film director, producer and writer, who co-directed the first serbian zombie movie Zone of the Dead (2009) with Milan Konjevic from a script by Konjevic, Vukota Brajovic and Todorovic. For Zone of the Dead (Apocalypse of the Dead) he has been awarded as the best producer of the year. In 2013 Milan directed and produced ... Read More »

Interview: Beyond the Grave Director Davi De Oliveira Pinheiro

DarkVeins had the opportunity to interview Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro, the brazilian writer, producer and director who produced “Boundaries of Thought”, a documentary feature series, and the five episodes of the online series “Think Thank” starring David Lynch. Beyond the Grave (Portos dos Mortos) is his first feature film which combines horror, road movie, action, magic and spaghetti western. Written ... Read More »

Interview: Contracted director Eric England

DarkVeins talks with american director Eric England about his works, his projects and his great movie Contracted that combines the mysterious sexually transmitted disease and the body decomposition. L: Hello Eric, how would you describe yourself? E: Passionate. Determined. Proactive. Weird. Unfiltered. L: How did you get into filmmaking? E: I made a movie. That film led to me making ... Read More »

Interview with director Éric Falardeau

A talk with French-Canadian director Éric Falardeau about his disturbing and claustrophobic debut feature film Thanatomorphose in which the body decomposition is the reflection of a dead soul. L: Hello Éric, tell us something about you. É: I’m a Montréal film director. I’ve directed several short films and a feature, Thanatomorphose. I also have a scholar curricular: conferences, publications, books, ... Read More »

Interview with Olivier Beguin, the Chimères swiss director

Interview with Olivier Beguin, the Chimères director. He talks about his full-length movie but also about some of his short movies. L: Hello Olivier, tell us about yourself. Who are you? O: Hello, I am Olivier Beguin, a filmmaker from Switzerland, currently doing the festival circuit with my first feature film, CHIMERES. I am also a big movie buff. L: ... Read More »

Interview with horror french director Mickaël Abbate

Interview with Mickaël Abbate, one of the directors of the charming and suspenseful Phantasmagoria, a horror movie split into three separate parts: Diabolique (directed by Mickaël Abbate), My Gift to You (Tiziano Martella) and Il serpente dalla lingua d’acciaio (Domiziano Cristopharo). The segments are tied together with brief stop-motion animated sequences (handled by Paolo Gaudio). Mickaël Abbate talks to us ... Read More »

Interview with danish director Kim Sønderholm

A talk with Kim Sønderholm, danish actor, film producer and director. He directed several feature films and short films but he also has a big acting career. He granted DarkVeins an interview to chat about his movies and his passions. (Photo by Loui Vadmand) L: Hello Kim, thank you for taking the time to talk with me! Tell us something ... Read More »

Interview with argentinian director Luciano Onetti

Director Luciano Onetti granted DarkVeins an interview to chat about his interesting Sonno Profondo, his feature film which is a tribute to Italy. Sonno profondo is a fascinating homage to 1970s Italian giallo films, it was filmed in Argentina and the screenplay is written in italian. The movie won the Tabloid Witch Awards for “Best Music Soundtrack”. Luciano Onetti thanks ... Read More »

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