Art/Crime: Frederick Maheux's documentary now in home-video with Goredrome Pictures

Goredrome Pictures May releases also include Art/Crime (2011) by Frederick Maheux (Ana). The film is available in the limited Mediabook edition (Cover A and Cover B) with Blu-ray and Booklet, and pre-order is already live on Goredrome Pictures and TetroVideo official websites.
The slipcase and the two cards are limited to pre-order only.

Art/Crime is a documentary film about violence, horror, censorship and legislation on the Web. In 2009, the special effects makeup artist Remy Couture was arrested, charged with obscenity and corruption of morality following a complaint about images coming from his website. Art/Crime sheds light on fiction and censorship in films and on the Web, giving some filmmakers such as Nacho Cerda (Aftermath), Éric Falardeau (Thanatomorphose), Robert Morin, and Patrick Senechal a chance to speak out on the matter.


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