Abomination Collection: Beyond Dark Dreams and Mutilation Theatre on pre-order

From today, March 15, the pre-order of Beyond Dark Dreams (USA - 2021) by Joseph Russio and Mutilation Theatre (USA - 2023) by White Gardenia, the other two films in the Abomination Collection, an extreme series by Goredrome Pictures.

After the extreme horror comedy about necrophilia Necromaniacs (Norway - 2022) by Stephen F. Flannagan and the extreme film based on fetishism and masochism Scarlet Piss Princess (USA - 2023) by Jack Mulvanerty, on the official websites of Goredrome Pictures and TetroVideo, you can reserve the standard editions (DVD + 12-page booklet) of. Beyond Dark Dreams and Mutilation Theatre.

Written, directed and performed by Joseph Russio (Animal Spirits), Beyond Dark Dreams is an extreme horror film rich in practical effects and with Eighties references and homages to Italian cinema.
The story features a writer (Joseph Russio) who has lost his inspiration and comes into possession of a mysterious hallucinogenic substance. As the night progresses, his visions triggered by the drug will become a hellish reality.
In the cast: Joseph Russio, Fred Adams, Hannah S. Black, Jennifer DiBlasio, Anabel Humble, Alexandria Lewis, Shanis McGee, and Stephanie Riker.
In the DVD extras: Trailer; Photogallery.

Mutilation Theatre instead is a definitive, partially unedited collection of extreme shorts by White Gardenia, director of the segments "Allison's Mouth fills up with Blood and Semen" e "Yummy Fur" featured, respectively, in the horror anthologies extreme  XXX Dark Web and Vore Gore.
In the special contents of the DVD: "Introduction to Coagulation Blood" (Short); "Daniel and Allison Wedding Ceremony" (Short); Potential Ways to Defeat Death.

La Abomination Collection Vol. 1comprises 7 films, chosen from the rottenest titles in the extreme independent scene, accompanied by a binder box with exclusive artwork by artist Shin Nagai.
The other films in the collection will be announced in the coming months.

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