A parasite lives inside a stuffed animal in the horror film The Nest - Poster and trailer

On the occasion of the US release, set for July 20, the official trailer and poster for the horror film The Nest.
Written by Jennifer Trudrung and directed by James Suttles, The Nest is a creature features On a dangerous parasite living inside a stuffed animal. This is a kind of evil doll movie in which the puppet, unlike the killer doll movies, is not haunted by a malevolent entity but by an insect capable of influencing and manipulating anyone who deals with the object in which it is hiding.

The film boasts, in the cast, the presence of horror icon Dee Wallace (The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo, Critters), who is joined by Sarah Navratil, Blaque Fowler, Anna Lynn Holleman, Kevin Patrick Murphy, Drez Ryan, Penny Munroe, Maple Suttles and Piper Suttles.

Plot: To help her overcome separation anxiety disorder, Beth buys her daughter Meg an adorable stuffed bear at a flea market. As obvious, the little girl quickly becomes attached to the toy, talks to it, and takes it everywhere she goes. Soon, however, Beth realizes that the teddy bear is able to communicate with the child and even influence her behavior.
When Meg begins to behave abnormally and manifests a strange infection caused by a parasitic creature, the situation will spiral downward.




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