Interview with freak show performer Burns The Dragon

Interview with freak show performer Burns The Dragon

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burnsInterview with Burns The Dragon, a freak show performer and snake handler, an extreme body modification practitioner. He is much more than a freak, he is an amazing performer and entertainer.
He talks about his identity, body modification and his terrifying performances like “Block head”, “Fire Acts”, “Glass walking”, “Hook Suspension” and many more…

L: Hello Burns The Dragon, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to do this interview. Where are you originally from? Tell us something about yourself.
B.T.D.: Well, I was born and raised in the Greater Vancouver area in B.C. Canada. I enjoy collecting Sea glass on the beach, and taking over castles!

L: You’re a freak show performer and snake handler. How long have you been performing for people? How have your performance techniques and disciplines developed over the years?
B.T.D.: I started performing as a “Living Statue” or “Silver Statue” when I was 17. When people would put money in my hat I would then Contact Juggle for them for a moment then freeze again. I changed from doing statue work to being on a stage about 5 years ago when I started working on Sideshow and Shock performances.

condomL: You perform some pretty crazy stunts. Can you talk about them?
B.T.D.: Of course, I will start with some of the less shocking things I do. “Block head” is an act where I hammer a nail into my nasal cavity, then snort a condom up my nose and pull it out of my mouth… Another act I do is Glass walking (self explanatory) I do an act with a “Board of Nails” but I don’t lay down on it… I balance it on a tube and stand on it! This is called a “Rola Bola”. But my more shocking act would of course be “Hook Suspension” where I hang from meat hooks pierced into my flesh and fling myself about as well as pick people up off the ground!

burns1L: What is your most dangerous one? What has been the most terrifying moment in a performance to date?
B.T.D.: You would think that the Hook Suspension would be the most dangerous… But it’s not! I perform fire acts on a regular basis, and one time I had an assistant helping me light my props, she accidentally lit the fuel station on fire… This was very scary for both me an her. Nobody was hurt other then a few burns on my hand because we had the proper safety equipment on hand and was able to put out the fire without any damages to us or the venue!

fireL: Have you ever been hurt and sent to the hospital performing your stunts?
B.T.D.: Thankfully I have never been hospitalized.. *knock on wood* and only minor burns or cuts have been the worst of it!

L: What do you enjoy most about performing?
B.T.D.: That’s easy. I love the adrenaline rush I get every time I am standing there in front of hundreds of people or being lifted off the ground from the hooks… Its like nothing else I have experienced.

L: Tell us a bit about your show and how do audiences react when they see you perform your freak show act?
B.T.D.: I start the show off with Contact Juggling to lul the crowd into a false sense of security then I steadily do more and more freakish acts. The crowd usually exclaims in shock, some times a scream or two but mostly with excitement!

L: What do you think about body modification? Can you talk about your body mods?
B.T.D.: Simply… I love it. I have Sub-dermal Horn Implants, a bifurcated tongue, cropped and scalped ears and tattooed eyes! I love every one and have only just begun! My goal is to eventually be head to toe as a dragon, fully tattooed and modded as such.

burns22L: Why “Burns The Dragon”? You’re an extreme body modification practitioner and you’re transitioning into a human dragon… you’re doing a Guinness World Record attempt in October. Can you talk about it?
B.T.D.: Why a Dragon..? I don’t know why but I have had a fascination with reptiles since I was 12 years old, dragons especially. My Guinness World Record attempt is for: The Longest Tattoo Session Team of Two. The current record is 50 hours 10 mins. Brandon Fancie (The artist) and I plan to go for 60 – 72 hours! The plan is wings and a spine over my entire back with a tail that wraps around my right leg. I am very excited.

L: Good luck! What are your future plans?
B.T.D.:I have many… I want to push the boundaries of man… I want every type of modification that we currently can do… and more that we haven’t yet tried. Of course all with a dragon theme. I plan to get Scarification (Skin removal) to have a scaled texture, that I will then get tattooed over top as scales.

L: Would you like to leave a message to Italy and the DarkVeins readers?
B.T.D.: Always do what you love no matter how weird it might be. Weird is just a side effect of being AWESOME!

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