Review: Kassandra, short film by Ulisses da Motta Costa

Review: Kassandra, short film by Ulisses da Motta Costa

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kassandraKassandra is a girl with mental health problems who suffers from mutism and who is harassed by her neighbor. She lives alone and she can’t get out of her apartment because of agoraphobia. Occasionally a doctor visits her and reminds the girl to take medication for the anxiety disorder. Kassandra is also afraid by the presence of a man in the apartment but according to the doctor she suffers from hallucinations.

Kassandra (2013) is a horror short film with a running length of 24 minutes, directed by the brazilian filmmaker Ulisses Da Motta Costa. The story is by the director himself while the screenplay is by Roger Monteiro.
kassandraThe film is comprised, in large part, of silent and hallucinations sequences in which the viewer can’t determine what is real or not.
The main character is a girl with childish attitude who still plays with dolls. She is alone.
Lost in the silence and in the solitude of her life, she is haunted by images that disturb her world. Only her little bird makes her smiling and as her little friend she lives in a cage. She is unable to get out her apartment because world terrifies her.

Kassandra is an interesting and beautiful brazilian short film, a psychological thriller and horror film in which mutism, agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder and visual hallucinations, give it a claustrophobic effect. The final is surprising and unexpected.
Kassandra has an excellent direction and an elegant black and white photography. The location is absolutely charming with a melancholy and nostalgic soundtrack (Chico Pereira).

The short film stars Renata Stein, who plays the character of Kassandra, Leandro Lefa, Maico Silveira, Suzana Witt and Luis Franke.
Kassandra has been produced with the “Fundo Municipal de Cultura” and made with the crowdfunding.
The short film was premiered at the 41st International Film Festival of Gramado (2013) in the section Curta – metragem Gaúcho as Best Cinematography (by Plablo Chasseraux).
Currently the film is touring the festival circuit.

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