Interview: Cyber Goth model Mila Noizmare

Interview: Cyber Goth model Mila Noizmare

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milaLet’s talk to Mila Noizmare, the stunning Cyber Goth, gothic, fetish and Tattoo model published in magazines who also appeared in the music video “dstort” by Milkin Lynn. Mila tells us about the modeling world, her passions and her projects.

L: Who is Mila Noizmare? Can you describe yourself?

M: Mila Noizmare is a crazy romantic creature from outer space who came to this small planet to share some love and happiness with people. To show them how unique each one of us are. And She wants to teach them how to love everything around them.

L: Where were you born and where do you live? How people near you judge your art?

M: I was born in Latvia. Very beautiful but depressive country. I love nature there, very beautiful… But people there are nightmare, they are very close minded and aggressive… Not all of them of course but a biggest part. And that’s really sad. I moved to UK about 5 years ago, a complitley different world compare to my home place. And I love it! People here loves my art, doesn’t matter what I do… Dancing, modeling, and the way I express myself.

L: At what point did you decide you wanted to be a model? Why?

M: Good question. I didn’t even decide to become a model, just some people really liked my style and invited me for a photoshoot. I enjoyed doing this, now I do it quite often.

mila4L: What kind of model are you?

M: Well, that’s really hard for me to put myself into the frames, I really like to do different stuff all the time, I like to chalange myself. But most of my work is gothic, fetish alternative styles.

L: What are the most interesting shoots that you’ve done? Can you talk about them?

M: I’ve done it about a month ago with my little sister. I had to look like a ”normal” girl, it was really weird to look in the mirror, I couldn’t recognise myself. Way too natural, too girly and it wasn’t me… That’s was quite interesting.

mila5L: You have many tattoos on your skin. What is their meaning? What do you think about tattoos and body modification?

M: I have 13 tattoos at the moment, but I’m getting much more very soon. I love my tattoos, each one of them means a lot to me, it’s a story of who I am.
I like body modifications, but when everything looks balanced and suits the person. Sometimes I saw too much of piercing and horrible tattoos. All I want to say people must think a long time before get something done other ways they gonna regret it or look silly.

L: What do you want to be known for?

M: Haven’t decide yet. I like so many things and I’m trying to be perfect in all of them. It’s so hard when you have a huge bunch of interests and hobbies. I’m still young and full of energy to make everything work. We will see how it gonna turn up later on.

L: Two alternative or gothic models that you respect. Tell us their names.

M: Razor Candi and Ophelia Overdose. Amazing work, amazing look, amazing modeling skills what can I say?!

mila3L: You’re in the music video “dstort” by Milkin Lynn (screenshots from the clip). Can you talk about this experience and how it came about?

M: Well, I’ve met Alexi (the frontman of the band) online, and I really liked what these guys were doing. So it all started from just chatting on Facebook – the way in which most contacts are made nowadays. In general, when it comes to art I am all about trying new things, getting all kinds of interesting experience. I don’t care about money or any difficulties that might arise in front of me if I do what I really like. Don’t want it to sound cliché, but art in all its forms, whether it’s photography, music, or fine art is a never-ending source of vital power for me. So when Alexi approached me with their idea of the music video for “dstort”, and this butterfly cocoon thing I said yes straightaway! Although the video was shot in autumn, and, well, it was already pretty cold (and also as it tends to happen in England it was raining that day, so we had to wait before the rain stops), the whole experience was extremely exciting and fun, and it was a pleasure to work with these guys! Meeting new people is another big advantage of what I am doing – should I say, we have become really close friends now! By the way, to everyone out there who is a fan of everything twisted, dark, and heavy – you should definitely check Milkin Lynn out!

L: What do you think about horror world? What are your favorite horror movies?

M: I can find beauty in everything, it doesn’t matter if it is a cute little fairy or demonic creature covered in blood. I like both, it gives me insparation.
My favorite horror movies are ”Silent Hill”, ”Friday the 13th”, ”Hellraiser”, ”The Ring” perfect example of extreme beauty in the dark and scary things.

L: What about the music?

M: Music is my life, I even can’t breath without it. All my crazy ideas comes from it. My favorite artist is Velvet Acid Christ, he brought a lot into this world. His lyrics and music is something different, something special. You can feel everything what he’ve been through, he does very powerful stuff.

L: What are your future aspirations?

M: At the moment I just wanna carry on with what I’m doing right now (modeling, performing). I need to focus on this stuff, want to get more published in magazines. And of course like a every girl, I wanna get married to most amazing person I’ve ever met: my beloved boyfriend. He gives me everything what I need and I want to get better and better for him.

L: If you could send one message to the world through your art what would it be?

M: A picture of a small girl trapped in the hole, reaching hands to the sun light with tears in her and a smile of hope…

L: Beautiful! Thank you Mila!

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