Interview: Frankenstein’s Army director Richard Raaphorst

Interview: Frankenstein’s Army director Richard Raaphorst

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richardA talk with Richard Raaphorst about his Frankenstein’s Army, the suspenseful and nightmarish nazi-horror movie that combines science, war and human automations.

L: Hello Richard, tell us something about you.

R: Driven by dark inspiration. I’m graduated at the school of fine arts, started my career as a classic painter, became a storyboard artist for advertising and movies and worked my way up to director.

L: What did you direct before Frankenstein’s Army? When and what made you get into filmmaking?

R: I directed some videoclips, commercials and a couple of shorts, I always want to raise the bar higher and it is my dream to realize my fantasies. First as a painter, now complete stories and hopefully the next step will be complete worlds 😉

L: Worst Case Scenario was nominated for the Golden Trailer Awards. Can you talk about it and the internet shorts? What about troubles?

R: It was born out of pure passion with collaborator Bart Oosterhoorn, but however. No-one really believed that nazi zombies had a commercial potential until we where taken over by others. By that time, we already lost our interest.

L: Can I say that Frankenstein’s Army born from the ashes of Worst Case Scenario?

R: Yes you can say that, although is a complete new world with new characters and a storyline.

frankenstein'sL: Frankenstein’s Army is your first full-length feature film. Your film combines the end of World War II, nazis, mad doctor and half machine soldiers. Where did the idea come from?

R: I could choose about focusing on two different ideas. One was about a WW2 story, the other one was an idea I had about Frankenstein. Then I got the idea of mixing them into 1 idea and voilà, here it is!

L: The human-machine hybrids or “zombots” are the most original creations ever to be put on screen. Mosquito Man, Eva Zombot, Propeller-Head, Zompot are some of the nightmarish human automations designed by you. Can you talk about them? What is the source of inspiration for your characters?

R: My source is instinct, and I wanted them kind of looking like big toys. War toys so to speek. So… I had this idea, Frankenstein’s father was an actual toy manufacturer, so I used toys as an inspiration. Giant action figures!

L: Do you have a favorite nazi-zombie?

R: My favorite is Zompot. He is the R2D2 from hell.

L: The whole mining location is fantastic. Can you tell us something about this place?

R: The initial idea was that the story would take place in an abandoned village, but then during the location scouting we stumbled upon this crazy MINING COMPLEX. We changed this script so we could fill in it into this new location. Willy Wonka, eat your heart out!

armyL: What was the reason for the “found footage” format?

R: I wanted to add a ‘game’ feel to the movie where the viewer is the subject and participating in the story. My favorite part in the movie is that where there are no actors at all and we run through the corridors exploring.

L: Is there a possibility of a Frankenstein’s Army sequel?

R: There is always a possibility for a sequel, prequel, spin off or rip off 😉

L: What’s your next project?

R: My next project contains a lot of dark matter, and antimatter. A sort of virus which makes people change into antimatter.

L: Leave a message to the world.

R: Switch off the program and let’s do the unexpected!

L: Thank you Richard!

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