Interview: gothic and fetish model Necrinity

Interview: gothic and fetish model Necrinity

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Necrinity1A talk with the gorgeous Necrinity, the alternative, fetish and gothic model from Sweden. She’s also a makeup artist, editor and photographer and she takes the time to talk with us about her passions and her plans for the future.

L: Tell us about who Necrinity is. How would you describe yourself?

N: I am very creative, open minded and social. 3 Words to describe myself would be Fiery, Caring and Loving (I am actually Finnish, but living in Sweden. We Finn’s are known for our fiery personalities if I’m not mistaken. Caring because I care about them near me, a lot! Loving, because I have incredibly much love to give!).

necrinity3L: You’re a gothic and alternative model. When did you get into modeling and what made you want to start? When did you have your first photoshoot?

N: I have always loved being in front of the camera and the feeling of wanting to share art has always been there. It took a while until my thoughts got to be more than thoughts. I had to get more confidence before I started to make my dream a reality. I started to model for my mum to get more experience and after that I had my first studio photoshoot 2011 and my passion for modeling really started for real. But it was not until 2013 when all these model things escalated for real, mostly because I felt that I was ready to expose myself and then I finally had a partner that was not only an awesome photographer, he was a model as well. It is so much fun to do shoots together. Both with us photographing each other and when ever we both have the opportunity to model for some photographer. So now, It just keeps rolling .

L: What is it about gothic culture that attracts you?

N: The dark, mysterious, unknown.

necrinity2L: What are the pros and cons of being a model?

N: All the positive feedback makes you grow, both as a model and person in real life. Makes you want to shoot more, and of course, my creativity is flowing endlessly because of that! The cons would be that people can be very rude sometimes, and totally without respect. Sometimes it’s hard when both my boyfriend and I are models, and we both gain a lot of attraction from other people, and to not let that infect your private life. But then there is a huge positive fact again. When we both are models, we understand each other in a whole new level.

L: What are the most important shoots that you’ve done? Can you talk about them?

N: I think all my shoots are important, more than less.

L: When doing a shoot where do you find your inspiration?

N: From almost everything… mostly music, art, movies, nature, darkness, animals and of course other people.

L: Which are the common characteristics between Necrinity and the “real” you?

N: Well, I am always trying to be kind and show people that their support means a lot.
I am very honest and genuine, both in terms of my modeling and how I am as a person in real life.

necrinityL: You also shoot with Xilmordas. Can you talk about him?

N: Yes I do. He has a great dark creative mind and it’s very rewarding when we put our minds together and talk about new upcoming projects and ideas. We spend a lot of time to select makeup, lenses, clothes and accessories. And of course, when we finally complete an idea with a photoshoot, we select all the pictures afterwards and edit them together too. The long and the short of it… He’s my boyfriend, companion, best friend and colleague. I am very honored to have the opportunity to be a part of his life and projects.

L: Who do you most enjoy collaborating with?

N: I love all the projects and ideas Xilmordas and I share, but it’s nice to find great minded photographers.

L: You’re the Empressite singer. Tell us something about this band.

N: Yes I am, actually the band is on hold now. So time will tell what happens. But I am starting a new project soon, a more EBM, industrial, Aggrotech inspired one. And this I will do with Xilmordas as well.. More to come!

L: “Symbol Makeup” is your makeup page. Talk to us about it. What do you love most about make up?

N: I have always had a big passion for makeup. It’s a perfect way to be creative, there are no limits and your skin is the canvas. I love to be creative with new colours and combos.

L: What are your hobbies?

N: Photography, modeling, picture editing, makeup, painting, games, nightly forest-walks in the moon and of course meet with friends.

L: What’s your favorite horror movies of all time and why? And what are your favourite bands?

N: I love the SAW movies and ofc, I find old horror movies very charming ^^
There are many great bands, but right now I’m listening very much to Swallow The Sun, The 69 eyes and Summoning.

L: What are your plans for the future?

N: I am going to keep up with my modeling and creativity and try to expand with shoots in other countries as well.

L: Leave a message to the Darkveins community!

N: Be yourself, completely. Do not ever, ever listen to someone that says that you are not enough, Because you are. Always remember: To Thine Own Self Be True (Shakespeare) If you are true to yourself, and keep on going, no matter what. You will have peace in your mind, and people will always find you inspiring because you are unique, you are YOU.

L: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me Necrinity! I wish you all the best in your career!

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